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The Design-Build approach perfects the integration of design, material selection, and construction. October 5 joins the architects and master builders under one contract. It ensures the client a stress-free process, which incorporates the efficient transfer of information, budget management, timely completion, and quality control.

Custom Residence

October 5 is guided by the master-builder tradition. Collaborating with distinguished architects, long before a hammer hits a nail, produces exceptional results. We are perfectionists first, with the philosophy, “Build it once, build it right, and make it last a lifetime.”

October 5 Service Award for Home Remodeling

October 5 is a Southern California-based Design-Build firm consistently reaching for sublime perfection. We’ve assembled a team of passionate, accomplished and tireless architects, designers, and craftsmen who believe in the art and beauty of simplicity. “Subtraction,” along with “symmetry and balance” are key concepts to our success.

The process of designing and building a beautiful home is collaborative, integrating various points of view from all those involved from start to finish. October 5 does not only try to meet your expectations, we enjoy exceeding them. Thus, we typically go beyond fulfilling minimum building codes standards and requirements.

Moreover, we’ll attempt to advance your initial thoughts and ideas through our “design-push” approach, meaning that we seek to improve the project by communicating alternate and proven concepts with you.

Whether you wish to build an entirely new custom home, improve interior or exterior existing conditions, modify structural elements, renovate a historical house, or enhance energy efficiency, October 5 is ready to assist you.

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