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October 5 / Belmont Heights

Belmont Heights Custom Home Stairway

Belmont Heights

Invited to look at a homeowner’s kitchen, it was evident that any resources spent on remodeling the kitchen would be wasteful. The entire house required attention.

Constructed in 1992, the home showed the results of poor construction, an unwelcome design, marginal materials with little thought or attention to detail. Plumbing and roof leaks, failing cabinetry, along with heavy wall textures left little to be desired. During construction, the house was gutted - leaving only the rough framing and portions of the exterior stucco.

An open floor plan with building code updates, 200 amp electrical service, beefed-up insulation, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, smooth drywall, wide-plank French Oak flooring, bathrooms, kitchen, and dual-glazed windows and doors supported the bulk of the project, which lasted 4 ½ months.

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Custom Floor plan

Rethinking the Floor Plan

Closed off from one another, the living room, dining room, kitchen and a family room, were small in scale. Eliminating the duplicated space (family & living rooms) allowed the open floor plan design.

The challenge was relocating interior earthquake shear walls. Well worth the time and effort, the shear walls were relocate to exterior locations. The kitchen was moved adjacent to the backyard patio; living room moved to the front of the house with the dining room sandwiched in-between.

Eliminating Soffits

The 9’ ceiling were spoiled throughout the first floor with drop-soffits that housed the heating and air-conditioning ductwork. With a bit of creativity, the drop-soffits were all but eliminated. The 9’ ceiling is now uninterrupted from front of the house to the back.

Kitchen Layout

October 5 resolves to minimize the traditional look of an open floor-plan kitchen.

Vertical-grain matched Oregon Pine by Crystal Cabinets sets the stage. Brazilian Quartzite, a newcomer to the natural stone market, serves as the countertop.

Crystallize Quartzite by Dal-Tile offers brilliant coloring, veining and movement. Symmetry and balance, along with custom appliances panels are key components of this sophisticated design.

Custom Bathroom design


Horizontal grain-match Oregon Pine, Brazilian Quartzite and porcelain tiles set the stage for both second floor bathrooms.

Large format porcelain tiles creates the feeling of a solid “monolithic-pour” for the bathroom flooring.

As a result of considerable attention to detail, unpretentious materials, symmetry and balance, this updated Spanish-influenced contemporary design celebrates October 5’s belief . . . “Build it once, build it right, and make it last a lifetime.”


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