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A home is more than just a house, it is the center of your family's life. A custom home is based on a unique vision – it meets your specific needs, represents your aesthetic style, and reflects a special meaning for you. October 5 specializes in designing and building custom homes in Southern California that last for generations. We are a one-stop master builder, so you will be able to communicate all your concerns with us directly. The Design-Build process continuously involves the homeowner, architect, designer, and the master builder. At October 5, we value collaboration and encourage our customers to be actively engaged from start to finish.

We Offer

PERFECTION. A symmetrical, balanced, and analytical approach to all phases of design, material selection and construction. No other builder that we know of details interior and exterior elevations, all the way down to a 1/16th of an inch grout joint. Long before construction begins, we’ll examine every interior and exterior elevation down to the smallest detail. This process yields perfection.

A UNIQUE APPROACH. We prefer to spend 6-9-12 months, or longer if necessary, in design and design review until we, and you, are completely satisfied, rather than a speedy design-timeline with the attitude or thinking that, “We’ll figure it out later in the field.”

EFFICIENT CONSTRUCTION TIMELINE. Because we sweat the details long before any hammer swings, there’s no confusion in the field. The October 5 Project Manager is the first to arrive and last to leave every day. Intimately familiar with your project and finger-tip access to detailed project files, material data sheets, and project components no one is left without an answer to their questions.

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