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At October 5, we believe in the philosophy “build it once, build it right, and make it last a lifetime.” If you choose to have a custom home, you want to make sure that your new home satisfies your aesthetic and practical demands and represents, while also reflecting your overall lifestyle. In addition, your custom home is the most important place of retreat for you and your family. Consequently, designing and building a custom home requires an approach that not only tries to fulfill but seeks to exceed minimum standards and expectations.

Building codes establish standards and requirements for construction to ensure minimum safety compliance. However, we know that, in fact, it doesn’t take much effort to exceed these standards and requirements to build a quality custom home. For instance, houses in Southern California are required to have shear-paneling within four feet of certain corners, and most contractors add 0.5” furring strips to the face of the remaining wall studs to keep the drywall aligned, when it’s just as easy to shear the entire wall with minimum added expense. Not only does this strengthen the structural integrity of the home, but enhances its sound dampening and insulating quality as well. The extra cost of shearing the entire wall is negligible, while its benefits are tremendous.

In addition to surpassing the minimum standard set by building codes, October 5 highly values collaboration with our customers in order to maximize the quality of your custom home.While we try to realize your unique vision, we also seek to encourage you to look beyond your initial idea, which we call the “design-push” approach. You are involved in the Design-Build process from the beginning to completion, all the while continuously touching base with both the architect and the contractor. The services October 5 offers include interior construction, green building, landscape design, historical renovation, and additions/remodels.


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