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Green Home Contractors

October 5 can also assist you in “greening” your home by providing multiple green home design options. Green building, also known as “green construction” or “sustainable building”, refers to a design and construction process that seeks to make a built structure environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. Such initiatives can apply to both new construction and the remodeling of existing structures. Green building enhances traditional building designs concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

Generally speaking, green homes are designed to reduce their overall impact on the environment. Green building adheres to the following principles: design efficiency, energy and water conservation, local materials selection, indoor air quality, operation and maintenance optimization, and waste reduction. Green home design consists of a variety of specific practices, techniques, and skills; including applying photovoltaic techniques, employing plants and trees or using wood as building material. Moreover, a green home should be designed in harmony with the natural features and resources of the local site.


Green Home Builders

California has always been on the forefront of environment protection and “green initiatives.”

Green home design is becoming increasingly popular in this state, especially with energy costs on the rise. October 5's Design-Build team can help you making your home more resource-efficient and environmentally friendly by either adding “green elements” to you existing house or constructing an entirely new green custom home. We promise you we will find a green option that is within your financial scope.