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Re-Building History

Historic Renovation Contractors Long Beach, CA

You purchased a historic home for a good price, but it needs substantial repair? October 5 can help you restore your historic home and bring it to contemporary comfort and safety standards. Historic renovation or preservation is a complex project that seeks to conserve and/or modify built structures of historical significance. Sometimes, the process is also referred to as “heritage conservation” or “heritage preservation.” There are plenty of stunning Spanish and Craftsman houses in Southern California and anybody who commits to restoring such a historic home makes a significant cultural contribution to preserving the region's architectural legacy. However, renovating a historic home can be challenging. First, you have to assess the problems and deficiencies, e.g. insect/animal infestation, asbestos insulation, water leakage, toxic substances, rotting, cracking, settlement or other substandard building code issues. You also want to do some research on the neighborhood's and building's historic “pedigree,” including its original design and authorship as well as subsequent changes, in order to restore the house properly (especially if the building is historically registered and landmarked).

Lose Some, Save A Lot

Our first historic renovation, completed in 1986, was a 1905 two-story Craftsman duplex that was originally built by the local dentist, and we’ve been carefully restoring ever since . Once we ascertain the building's condition, we’ll determine the best ways to stabilize, restore, and modify your home. Our Design + Built team knows what’s best to save and what’s better to replaced; what to remove and what to add; to create a beautiful custom historic home for you, while at the same time preserving the historic architectural form and character of the building. For instance, altering the position, size, proportions and style of windows on a street facade can completely change the house's form and character. Yet, replacing roof shingles, modernizing the kitchen, adding more closets or installing a structural beam does not. In addition, unforeseen problems like mold, wood rot or broken structural members can occur any time. Renovating or restoring a historical home requires sensitive judgment as well as diligent engineering and fastidious construction. October 5's team has the knowledge and the skills to undertake this endeavor. We know that renovating a historic house can be costly, but we assure you that we will constantly inform you about the financial implications of each renovation decision. You are as much part of the renovation process as we are.

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