October 5 Architects & Construction

October 5’s history goes back to 1986, building new and remodeling many historical structures. Appreciating the craftsmanship, details and extra effort that went into building many of these beautiful homes, some constructed in the early 1900’s, we adopted this philosophical style into our business and construction methods. Our philosophy . . . build it once, build it right, and make it last a life-time.



Local and National Building codes are designed to establish minimum standards for construction and safety. October 5 Fine Home Builders believe that it does not take much effort to exceed these standards, which results in a superior product and adds that little extra peace of mind.

Design Push

With 25 years of construction experience, we understand, without question, what works and what doesn’t. How does a home relate to its inhabitants? How does a home relate to the environment?

During the Design-Build process you can expect, what we refer to as a design push. Knowing how great homes function, we’ll often encourage the architect team and homeowner to consider additional options – changing a small window to a glass door, which frames the view of a majestic Canary Island Date Palm or shifting a wall one or two inches to accommodate a tile pattern in the bathroom-- it’s like having another architect reviewing your plans.

October 5 Fine Home Builder’s history is not only about superior construction, it’s about pushing the design well before any hammer hits a nail.