Mission Statement

Design Build Expert Construction

We don’t just build houses; we build homes - homes for families that are prized and handed down for generations. While the structure is solid, inviting, and creative, its rooms are filled with generations of happiness, love, memories, holidays and respect. The family-homes we build evoke peace and tranquility.

October 5 Fine Home Builders are recognized as expert craftsmen who accept and deliver nothing less than perfection. “They don’t build houses or personal residences; they build family traditions,” is how clients describe our approach.

Our clients are special people who value what it takes to turn a house into loving home for their families. They regard October 5 Fine Home Builders as a part of their extended family, and return time after time for advice and guidance. October 5 has constructed homes for several generations of families and their relatives.

If you value craftsmanship, quality, creativity, peace and tranquility then there’s an excellent chance October 5 Fine Home Builders are the builders for your home.