We’ve built, restored, and completed a number of design-build projects across a wide range of architectural styles. Browse through our projects below to read, see, and watch how a project comes together in our endless drive toward perfection.

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Kitchen Times Two

A new interior kitchen/great-room renovation is complemented with an outdoor kitchen, complete with an exquisite pizza oven that brings the family together.

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Family History

Untouched since it was built in 1956, this family home was completely modernized and given an open floor plan—and a second life.

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Open This Space Up

Unlike this home’s original design and construction, the redesign was all about attention to detail, fine craftsmanship, and durability. The work was accomplished in only 4½ months.

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Wonderfully White

In this kitchen remodel, we helped our wonderful clients reexamine their ideas of the perfect kitchen.

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Historic Southwest Adobe

An aging adobe-style home received a modern update that raised ceilings—and our client’s expectations—of what the building’s existing footprint could accomplish.

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A Brave New Home

One of our favorite projects, this home is all about light, openness, and engaging with the natural desert environment.

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On the Water

Relocating from Minnesota to the water-front community of Spinnaker Bay in Long Beach, the buyers purchased a home built in the 1980s. Now, nearly 30 years later, the house needed renovations.

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Bixby Knolls

Known for its distinguished schools, great parks and walk-to shopping, the neighborhood was perfect. The house, though, was a total disaster.

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Mid-Century Modern

A complete relandscaping and remodel turned a 1950s-era home into a work of art.

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Upcoming Projects

Check back to see photos from these ongoing projects.

Picture Perfect Pacific

Rancho Palos Verdes

A 1960s hillside contemporary ranch is about to open itself to the beautiful blue Pacific thanks to exterior walls of glass.

It’s All in the Details

San Clemente

This home is about to lighten its visual weight by subtracting the unnecessary, reducing line and textures, and harmonizing both interior and exterior finishes.

Brushfire Recovery and Renovation

Anaheim Hills

“By the luck of the angels,” says the owner, this home is still standing after the Anaheim Hills Fire of 2017. Suffering only minor damage, while homes on either side were reduced to ash, we have to agree. But now it’s time to not only begin repairs but consider the remodeling that has been in the homeowner’s hearts since they bought the home just a year before the devastating fires.

Modern Hillside

Newport Beach

When we first spoke with the owner, we could hear the stress in her voice and imagine the tears in her eyes. She felt her architect was not listening to her dreams and desires. Instead, he was building a monument to himself/his name. Then along came the architect-recommended general contractor who claimed to be “the genie of pricing.” It appears that he put his wet finger in the air, as if testing the wind’s direction and said, “this will be $1.6 million.”

That’s where we came in. October 5’s sophisticated budgeting software first employs volumetric calculations. As we proceed through the design phases, budgets become more and more exact, until we reach the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), which serves as the foundation for the construction contract.

Simply put: October 5 engineering is now well underway.

Every Square Inch Counts Townhome

Rancho Los Bixby Hill

Unlike a single-family home, the square footage of a townhome is a constant. Rarely can it change—or can it? Wait until you see how an efficient redesign of the floor plan adds visual square footage.

Spa Retreat

Covenant Hills

“I want to feel like I am at a spa when I come home,” said the homeowner. October 5 opened up the floor plan to the exterior and designed a new lap-pool and living space, complemented by an outdoor kitchen. Included in the creation of this at-home spa retreat are also a new kitchen and family room.

Isn’t It time To Make Your Dreams a Reality?

Partner with October 5 for impeccable design, construction, and attention to detail. Our Design-Build process will bring your dream home to life.

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