OCTOBER 5 LUXE elevates the extraordinary to the sublime by applying uncompromising excellence at every phase of a project, from design to build and beyond.

Discover how a home built by October 5 becomes its own work of art, or explore some of our Luxury projects.


Every October 5 project is uncompromising in its attention to detail and executed with craftsmanship that delivers a perfect home. But some projects possess the location, the architectural heritage, the challenge, and the budget to allow for something truly extraordinary: an OCTOBER 5 LUXE home.

Redefining Luxury

OCTOBER 5 LUXE transcends the elements of common luxury, like a top-of-the-line custom kitchen, a wine cellar, vast closet space, or a home office with all the amenities. At October 5, we believe that true luxury is not about checking off a list of must-have amenities. Instead, OCTOBER 5 LUXE means incorporating the highest standards from day one, before the first blueprints are even drawn up. OCTOBER 5 LUXE is about recognizing the true potential of a fine home, and bringing our eye for perfection and possibilities not just to every room, but to every element you see—and many you don’t. It’s about unlocking the possibilities of vistas and materials so they can envelop you from the moment you step into a room. It’s about bringing symmetry and order into every space, removing all tension from your dream home so that you feel recharged every time you enter.

Luxury Locations

OCTOBER 5 LUXE homes encompass everything from SoCal beachfront luxury living to the snowy vistas of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wherever your heart takes you, October 5 is there to make sure your luxury dreams are fulfilled.

Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.

Planning Pays

October 5’s design-build philosophy unlocks every luxury budget to make the impossible possible. We accomplish this through advanced planning, visualizations, and careful consideration of every aspect of your luxury home—beyond even the considerations of many architects. We guide your project down the best path to achieve true luxury, without surprises. We put the drama in your fine home, not in the planning and building process.

Of course, it takes more than precision and careful planning to achieve luxury. Beyond creating the contours of your fine home, our highly skilled craftsman employ hand-selected materials to create a dream home that’s unique to you and your desires—the ultimate luxury.

It takes more than precision and planning to achieve luxury. It takes a fine home builder personally invested in the success of your perfect home. It takes OCTOBER 5 LUXE.

Peak Perfection

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Fine Home Building with October 5

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