Launched in 1986, we’re a California-based Design-Build firm known for our exceptional attention to detail. We combine the craftsmanship that went into the beautiful homes of the past with the modern design and building techniques of today. The result is a difference you can feel the moment you walk into one of our homes.

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At October 5, we’re the most hands-on fine home builder you’ll ever encounter. Every project receives our complete focus, dedication, and love. Because we know nothing is more important than the feeling of stepping into a perfectly designed home. You can’t put a price on tranquility, after all.

Actually, you can.

We run a live budget on every project so you can see how even the smallest decision affects the final cost. Thanks to the efficiencies inherent in the design-build process, we’re able to explore possibilities you might have never considered. All this while delivering impeccable quality, true craftsmanship, and fine materials. Whether you’re planning a custom project or a historical restoration, we’ll work with you to realize the full potential of the place you call home.

Image of an open-plan living area with a kitchen in the background.

The October 5 Way:
Build it once, build it right, make it last a lifetime.

—Best of Houzz 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022 for Service

Not Just Different. Better.

Twenty-five years of design and construction experience go into our advanced design-build process. Unlike most projects, where the architect departs at the build stage, October 5 is there from the very first sketch to move-in day. Typical cost overruns are a thing of the past as our sophisticated methods predict, plan, and guide the design and build process every step of the way. We even put a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) into our contracts. For our clients, it’s like a stress valve, and lets them enjoy the process of watching their dreams turn into reality.

Part of Our Team

The most important member of our team is you. Designing and building a beautiful home is a collaborative process. We listen. And then we listen some more. We delve into your desires and then suggest how informed design choices can take you beyond what you thought possible—or affordable. It’s what happens when years of experience are combined with our advanced design and estimation applications. By anticipating issues, reducing waste, and saving time, we’re able to apply those savings into what’s most important: the perfect home.

Our Craftsmen

It’s not easy becoming an October 5 craftsman. Every craftsman must demonstrate far more than mastery of their skill. They must exhibit true artistry, a love of their materials, and the same attention to detail that goes into every facet of our projects. We vet everyone. We even make certain that their cost estimates align with our own internal forecasts—before any work begins. It’s just one more way the October 5 design-build process brings greater value, less stress, and faster build times.

Jim Brophy

Architectural & Design Team Management

From a young age, Jim knew he wanted to build. Construction sites drew him in, and he told everyone he knew that he was going to grow up to become a carpenter. His first job? Knocking mortar off of bricks as a young boy, with payment in sodas. Later, he found himself earning a B.S. in Chemistry, marveling at the perfection of nature’s smallest details. The passion to build and to design stayed strong and within six months of graduation, Jim bought his first house, tore it apart and rebuilt it. And in the process found heaven.

Jim Brophy, Partner/Architectural & Design Team Management, wearing a gray T-shirt with the October 5 logo and smiling at the camera.

“I call building my art. Some people work with brushes and canvas or musical notes and instruments – I work with hammers and nails.”

Craftsmanship Redefined

Our careful consideration of every decision turns ordinary projects into truly exceptional homes. Read on to learn about the considerable advantages of our design-build approach.

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