On the Water

Relocating from Minnesota to the water-front community of Spinnaker Bay in Long Beach, the buyers purchased a home built in the 1980s. Now, nearly 30 years later, the house needed renovations.

Spinnaker Bay, Long Beach
Remodeled kitchen, bath, and living areas

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For this Spinnaker Bay renovation, the Design-Build Team of October 5 provided support with design, materials selection, and budgeting. Design-build was the ideal approach; it shortened construction time, provided a well-defined understanding of costs, as well as a single point of responsibility.

Before view of the kitchen.

BEFORE: The kitchen shows its age, from the choice of materials to the poor ease of use.

AFTER: Abalone glass tile was selected for the backsplash. It’s cool blue-steel tone marries the marine environement with the interior palette.

After view of the kitchen.
After view of the remodeled kitchen.

AFTER: Stainless steel applicances compliment the contemporary look. Cast glass knobs and drawer pulls, LED lights, and delicate crystal pendants illuminate this sophisticated remodel.

During construction, the homeowners returned to their Minnesota Lake home to spend a relaxing summer with family. Meanwhile, we also remodeled the bathroom, including new cabinets, countertops, fixtures, tile, shower enclosures, and custom lighting.

Remodeled bathroom featuring wrap-around tile.
Remodeled bathroom.

Finally, we completed the project with a remodeled living room. Italian plank flooring included Vallelunga’s Tabula digital technology. It’s more than wood; it’s elegant and warm with a heart of gres porcelain.

Living room.
Living room.

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