Kitchen Times Two

A new interior kitchen/great-room renovation is complemented with an outdoor kitchen, complete with an exquisite pizza oven that brings the family together.

Ladera Ranch
Kitchen/Great Room Renovation + Outdoor Kitchen
Crystal Cabinets

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This exquisite kitchen features custom cabinetry by Crystal Cabinets.

ABOVE: This exquisite kitchen features custom cabinetry by Crystal Cabinets.

The owners of this estate contemplated an interior kitchen/great room renovation and a second outdoor kitchen, complete with a brick pizza oven. With its lush landscape and tailored architecture, the property conveyed a modern Spanish home overlooking the Mediterranean. A literal architectural interpretation wouldn’t work for this home. Instead, October 5’s design focused on a modern interpretation hinting at the home’s Mediterranean style.

ABOVE: A view of the bespoke cabinetry, island, and expansive eating corner. Note the perfect, unmarred ceiling.

Interior kitchen

The family enjoys evening meals together while catching up on the day’s adventures. Although Mom is the executive-chef, everyone participates. The design focused on three features: multiple workstations, in-kitchen dining, and light-handed architectural design.

This project showcases Crystal’s custom cabinetry, designed by October 5. Crystal Cabinets also fabricated the trestle table using quarter sawn white oak and finish, as well as the auxiliary island and entertainment center.

Kitchen detail.

Beginning Friday night and throughout the weekend, the family can be found outside, with the pizza oven and master barbeque being the center of food preparation. Examine the pizza oven closely: this is signature October 5 work. Why? It’s perfectly sized to accommodate the exact tile pattern. Corners are mitered, providing an amazing detail that’s almost unnoticed in its perfection. In October 5’s vocabulary, subtraction = unnoticed = quietness = perfection.

Outdoor BBQ

ABOVE: The custom pizza oven built to exacting standards. The corner fire pit allows the bar area to serve a secondary function.

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