Peace and Tranquility

Subtracting the unnecessary, reducing line and textures, and harmonizing the interior and exterior finishes.

San Clemente
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The exterior of this reimagined San Clemente home

ABOVE: The exterior of this reimagined San Clemente home

Welcome to San Clemente, California, The Spanish Village by the Sea. Approaching this home, you are overcome with a sense of peace and tranquility. Your heart rate begins to ease as you approach the entry courtyard. There’s something here, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. What is it? The pivoting of the iron front door? The “boardwalk” style flooring? The beautiful staircase?

You notice an obsessive focus on symmetry and balance. Natural light abounds. Materials, lines, and textures so fundamental, you don’t see them, but you feel it. The perfect fit…like an intricate puzzle.

Pivoting iron front door
Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.
Image of a custom fine home.

Above: Precise open stairs; bakery center with pocket doors; custom cabinetry by Crystal Cabinets; counter-level transom windows providing natural light at the workspace.

October 5’s mathematical precision and attention to detail drives the design, and is like no other.

Wet-room with dual shower heads
Shower heads: relax and enjoy
Master Vanity with oversized sink

Above: Wet-room with dual shower heads; Master Vanity with oversized sink.

Below: Watch our video below to tour this San Clemente gem.

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